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Located 43 miles northeast of Adelaide in South Australia on 13,652 hectares of land, the Barossa wine region is one of the only areas in Australia to have neighboring warm and cool climate growing conditions. This climate of different growing conditions and soil types across both the Barossa Valley and Eden Valley help make these wines so unique. With a rich history dating from 1842, Barossa is home to more than 550 grape growing families, many with the sixth generation still working the same plot of land, supplying quality grapes to more than 170 wine companies.

  • Region

    13,652 hectaresgrowing area60 appellations23Parishes (viticulture areas)
  • Production

    67 million bottles produced (2016) 5.6 million cases produced (2016) AUD $113,773+ million total value grapes (2016) AUD $125.6+ million total value wine exports (2016)
  • People

    550 wine grape growers170wine brands
  • Impact

    2,700jobs 1 million visitors
  • Primary Grape Varietals

    ShirazCabernet SauvignonGrenacheRieslingChardonnaySemillon

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