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Rioja is a wine region identified as “Denominación de Origen Calificada” (D.O.Ca.) – Qualified Designation of Origin – spread within part of the territory of La Rioja, Basque Country and Navarra, in Spain. It is a small region situated in the north along the River Ebro. Meeting at the confluence of Atlantic and Mediterranean climates, the region’s vineyards experience ideal growing conditions with mild temperatures and plentiful rainfall. The balanced structure of Rioja’s various soil types—chalky-clay, ferrous-clay and alluvial—and range of microclimates give each wine its own unique characteristics.

  • Region

    65,326 hectaresgrowing area3 zonesRioja Alta, Rioja Oriental and Rioja Alavesa
  • Production

    250 million liters produced annually389 million bottles yearly sold36.7% of wines exported generating €486.1 (2016)
  • People

    15,089 vinegrowers(6,411 Coops Associated/8,678 Independent vinegrowers)607 bottling wineries123 winegrowers27 cooperatives54 wine keepers396 aging wineries
  • Primary Grape Varietals

    TempranilloGarnachaMazueloGracianoMaturana TintaViuraMalvasíaGarnacha BlancaTempranillo BlancoMaturana BlancaVerdejoTurruntèsChardonnaySauvignon Blanc

Region Map