Consumers have a right to know the origins of their wine

There are more than 1 million wine producers in the world, and according to the International Organization of Vine and Wine, they produce nearly 3 billion cases of wine each year. As consumers navigate this ever-expanding world, the information on the wine label is vital. The label tells consumers what they are buying and what they are drinking. That’s why it is important the label accurately reflects and identifies the wine’s true location of origin. Yet, in many countries including the United States, Russia and Vietnam, some wine region names are allowed to be used on wine bottles that do not originate from those places, leading to consumer confusion.

Research finds that a growing number of consumers, however, want wine labels to accurately reflect the contents of the bottle. Results from a 2018 poll of 800 U.S. wine consumers conducted by GBA Strategies make it clear: location matters.

It is important to know where your wine is grown and produced. If you are unsure, we encourage you to ask and demand that a wine’s true origin be clearly identified on its label. Truth-in-labeling is important so you can make informed decisions when selling, buying or enjoying wines.