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Located 90 miles northeast of Paris, the Champagne region’s terroir is known for its cool climate, chalky subsoil, and sloping vineyards. Only grapes planted in the strictly delimited Champagne appellation area can be used in wines bearing the Champagne name. Planted at one of the northernmost limits for vines, Champagne has dual climate with oceanic and continental influences. Temperatures often remain low and sunshine is limited, but the region experiences near-ideal rainfall for grape production. The chalky subsoil provides the vines with a steady supply of water while still putting the vines under enough stress to achieve a balance of ripeness and acidity.

  • Region

    34,300hectares growing area4 sub-regions320 crus
  • Production (2018)

    301.9 million bottles shipped€4.9 billion total worldwide sales
  • People

    16,000 winegrowers 340 Champagne houses140 cooperatives
  • Impact

    30,000 direct jobs created with 120,000 harvest-related employment22% export value of all French wine is due to Champagne
  • Primary Grape Varietals

    ChardonnayPinot NoirMeunier

Region Map