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The Douro Demarcated Region covers over 250,000 hectares in Northeast Portugal within the Douro River basin. Only fortified wines from grapes grown and produced in the Douro Demarcated Region can be called Port. The fortified wine is produced under specific, traditional methods of fermentation, adding grape brandy, ageing and storage. Situated along the Douro River and its tributaries, Port’s soil is schistose with some granite around the edges. The region is protected from humid Atlantic winds by the Marão and Montemuro mountain barriers, resulting in cold winters and hot, dry summers.

  • Region

    43,480 hectares of growing area3 sub-regions
  • Production

    8.6 million cases sold (2016)7.2 million cases shipped (2016)€308 million total sales (2016)
  • People

  • Primary Grape Varietals

    BastardoMourisco TintoTouriga FrancesaTinta AmarelaTinta BarrocaTinta CaoTinta RorizTouriga NacionalDonzelinho BrancoGouveioMalvasia FinaRabigatoViosinho

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