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Considered the oldest wine appellation in the world, the Tokaj wine region lies near the Tisza and Bodrog Rivers in northeastern Hungary and southeastern Slovakia. Centered on the town of Tokaj in the Hungarian foothills, the appellation is famous for its sweet, botrytized wines made from noble rot. The clay, or loess soil, and sunny microclimate are conducive to the proliferation of Botrytis Cinerea (noble rot), a fungus that produces fine and concentrated, sweet wines from the shriveled grapes. The wines are aged in the vast network of cellars carved out of solid rock below the region to produce unparalleled and intricate wines.

  • Region

    5,967 hectares of growing area27 villages
  • Production

    10,028,000 liters produced annually
  • People

    14,575 registered producers588 wineries
  • Primary Grape Varietals

    FurmintHárslevelűSárga Muskotály (Yellow Muscat)ZétaKövérszõlõKabar

Region Map